The 9th edition of CBSoft will be held at the Institute of Mathematics and Computer Sciences at University of São Paulo (ICMC/USP), São Carlos/ SP.

About São Carlos

Located at the geographical center of Sao Paulo state, the city of Sao Carlos has special characteristics that make it a highlighted place in the following aspects. It is between 800 and 1000 meters high over the sea level. Its weather is mild and varied, making it a pleasant city. Near Sao Carlos it is possible to find several waterfalls with curious rock formations and beautiful landscapes. This city has a rich historical patrimony that has been preserved until now. Its global population is multicultural, and it is an outstanding place for people interested on high innovative and quality knowledge, which is provided by local universities, innovation and research centers.

Capital of Technology

The academic, technologic, and innovative vigour present in Sao Carlos academic and entrepreneur communities, was the motivator to be granted as the Brazilian Capital of Technology. Their universities, research and innovation centers are acknowledged by their excellence and diversity. Specifically, the University of Sao Paulo (USP), with two campus in the city, the Federal University of Sao Carlos (UFSCAR), and the Federal Institute of Education, Science, and Technology of Sao Paulo (IFSP) offer free and high-quality education. As a collaborative result, they have contributed to science evolution, and professional capacitation of thousands of students in both undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

Moreover, Sao Carlos has two offices of Embrapa (in portuguese Empresa Brasileira de Pesquisa Agropecuária), and two innovation centers as ONOVOLAB, the Inova Institute, and Parqtec, as well as several business incubators and coworkings spaces. All this scenario inforces Sao Carlos as a pillar for scientific and technological development in Brazil.

Sao Carlos has been known as the Brazilian Silicon Valley, because:
- It has the greatest amount of Ph.D per inhabitant (1 Ph.D for each 180 inhabitants). In Brazil this rate is of 1 Ph.D for each 5.423 inhabitants;
- It has one of the biggest mean of patents records by year, i.e., 14.5 patents for each 100 thousand inhabitants. In Brazil this rate is of 3.2 patents for each 100 thousand inhabitants.

Sao Carlos has an high active entrepreneurial ecosystem, containing almost 300 high-tech enterprises in markets as aeronautics, optics, genetics, health, new materials, and instrumentation. Furthermore, this city has the presence of well-consolidated industries as Volkswagen (motors), Tecumseh (compressors), Faber Castell (pencil), Electrolux (electronics), Airship do Brasil (dirigible), SERASA Experian (Information Technology) and LATAM (Avionics).


Ecologic Park “Dr. António Teixeira Vianna”

Address: Km 235 of Road Washington Luís, SP 310, access through the municipal road Guilherme Scatena, km 2.
Attendance: Tuesday and Saturday, from 8h to 16h30 and Sunday from 8h to 17h30.

Sao Carlos Cathedral

Website: www.caminhodafe.com.br
Address: Avenue São Carlos, between streets Conde do Pinhal and Treze de Maio.
Attendance: (16) 3371-2277.

“Fazenda do Pinhal” (National Heritage):

Website: www.casadopinhal.com.br
Address: Access by the Rod. Municipal Domingos Innocentini, towards the Broa lake, at km 4,5
Attendance: (16) 3377-9191

“Fazenda Santa Maria”

Website: www.santamariamonjolinho.com.br
Address: SP 215 (São Carlos/Ribeirão Bonito), km 158.
Attendance: (16) 3371-1059, 3366-7141 and 3366-7143.

Parque Eco esportivo Damha:

Address: Rod. SP 318, Km 234 – CP 491 “Fazenda do Urso”
Attendance:(16) 2106-6000.

Astronomical Observatory at USP:

Address: USP, Street Carlos Botelho, 1465, Friday to Sunday, from 20h to 22h
Attendance: (16) 3373-9191 / 3373-8615



  • Rooms: 42 + Master suite
  • Lock of booking: Yes
  • Bilingual (Portuguese/English) staff: Yes
  • Distance to conference location: 700 meters
  • Transport to conference location: No
  • Prices:Standard (SGL R$ 158,00, DBL R$ 188,00); Master suite (SGL R$ 208,00, R$ 238,00)


  • Rooms: 83
  • Lock of booking: Yes
  • Bilingual (Portuguese/English) staff: Yes
  • Distance to conference location: 750 meters
  • Transport to conference location: No
  • Prices: Superior (SGL R$ 198,00, DBL R$ 226,00), Luxury (SGL R$ 221,00, DBL R$ 249,00), Premium (SGL R$ 310,00, DBL R$ 338,00)

National Inn

  • Rooms: 123
  • Lock of booking: Yes
  • Bilingual (Portuguese/English) staff: Yes
  • Distance to conference location: 5.3 Km
  • Transport to conference location: Under request
  • Prices: Standard (SGL R$ 132,00, DBL R$ 159,00)


  • Rooms: 19
  • Lock of booking: Yes
  • Bilingual (Portuguese/English) staff: Partially
  • Distance to conference location: 150 meters
  • Transport to conference location: No
  • Prices: Standard (SGL R$ 124,00, DBL R$ 148,00, TPL R$ 176,00, QDP R$ 200,00)


The international airports closest to São Carlos are the international airport in Campinas (Viracopos (VCP), about 150 km) and other two international airports (Cumbica (GRU) in Guarulhos and Congonhas (CGH) in São Paulo city, both about 250 km). There is also a national airport in Ribeirão Preto (RAO) (about 100 km). From all these airports, there are buses that come to the São Carlos bus station.

More information and timetables will be provided soon.

We will also provide information about local transportation agencies, which can offer cars (for 4 passengers), vans (for 14 passengers) or even buses (for 40 passengers). They can organize transportation for groups of interested participants whose flights arrive at close times. Information about these agencies will be available closer to the event dates.